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Life Extension Suggestions

Eat to Live a Long and Healthy Life

Life Extension encourages anyone striving to lose weight to consider adopting a calorie-restricted, but nutrition-dense diet. A detailed explanation of this type of dietary pattern is presented in the Caloric Restriction protocol.

Increase Physical Activity

Increasing physical activity is one of the most effective means of attaining a negative energy balance, which facilitates weight loss. Physical exercise should be undertaken regularly in accordance with one’s overall health and mobility. Anyone with a physical impairment, such as extreme obesity or severe osteoarthritis, should consult a healthcare provider prior to embarking on an exercise regimen. 

Restore Resting Energy Expenditure

  • Green tea extract: 725 – 1450 mg daily with meals
  • Fucoxanthin: 200 mg three times daily
  • Fish oil (with olive polyphenols): providing 1400 mg EPA and 1000 mg DHA daily
  • Cayenne: 600 mg once or twice daily with meals

Restore Healthy Adipocyte (Fat Cell) Signaling

Restore Brain Serotonin / Suppress Hunger Signals

Control Rate of Carbohydrate Absorption and Glucose Synthesis

Pharmaceutical support:

  • Acarbose: 25 – 100 mg before meals

Restore Youthful Hormone Balance

Pharmaceutical support:

  • Natural (bioidentical) hormone replacement therapy (if needed): as directed by an experienced physician
  • Thyroid hormone replacement therapy (if needed): as directed
  • Aromatase inhibitor (if needed; men only): 0.5 mg twice weekly until estradiol levels are between 20 – 30 pg/mL of blood

Restore Insulin Sensitivity

Pharmaceutical support:

  • Metformin: 250 – 850 mg before meals (no more than three times a day)

Inhibit the Lipase Enzyme

Pharmaceutical support:

  • Orlistat (Alli®, Xenical®): 60 – 120 mg before meals (no more than three times daily)

In addition, the following blood testing resource may be helpful:

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