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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Diagnosis Of CTS

In most cases, CTS is diagnosed by the presence of symptoms and specific sensitivities to movement. The following tests may be used to confirm the diagnosis:

  1. Phalen's test, or wrist flexion, checks for pain, tingling, or numbness that may suggest carpal tunnel problems.
  2. Tinel's test, in which the doctor taps the inner wrist directly over the median nerve, may produce pain, tingling, or numbness and may result in a diagnosis of CTS.
  3. Nerve conduction studies may be conducted in some cases to measure how quickly nerve impulses are conducted through the nerve. These tests allow physicians to detect CTS very early in the disease course.
  4. MRI studies may be performed in selected, atypical cases when symptoms may not match classic CTS or there is concern about another diagnosis.