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60 vegetarian capsules
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Now you can have your cake and eat it too!
New GlycemicPro™ Transglucosidase.

Even the most disciplined among us occasionally has a weak moment ... giving in to the temptation of a little French bread, a bit of pasta, a side of fries, that luscious slice of cake. But why pay for it with your health!

Now you can limit the release of sugar from starchy foods and minimize unhealthy after-meal blood sugar spikes with GlycemicPro™ Transglucosidase.

Transglucosidase is a digestive enzyme that limits the amount of sugar released from dietary starches by turning those starches into indigestible prebiotic fiber in your digestive tract, especially in the critical after-meal period. In fact, published studies show that transglucosidase reduces the level of rapidly digested starch in carbs by 31%! So it can help you maintain healthy blood glucose, cholesterol, and insulin levels already within normal range.

GlycemicPro™ Transglucosidase contains 450,000 TG (transglucosidase activity units) of transglucosidase in just one vegetarian capsule. It's smart to take it daily with a starch-containing meal.

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