Dr Tung’s™ Tongue Cleaner

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  • Dr Tung’s™ Tongue Cleaner
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  • Item Catalog Number: 13093

Americans are brushing, flossing, and using more mouthwash than ever before. What’s missing in most people’s oral hygiene routine is the daily cleaning of their tongues. Research shows tongue cleaning plays an important role in neutralizing odors and promoting healthy oral hygiene.

Medical texts dating back hundreds of years describe the cleaning of the tongue as part of people’s daily hygiene routine. Wealthy Europeans in the 18th and 19th century used tongue scrapers. Research is now showing that tongue cleaning is an essential part of overall oral hygiene. Television shows like 20/20 and The Today Show have featured reports on the importance of tongue cleaning.

The tongue scraper made by Dr. Tung is a U-curved stainless steel device with a firm, smooth edge. The plastic comfort grips enable the user to easily reach the back of the tongue, giving precise control over the pressure and position of the scraper.