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ErgoGrip, Item# 13139

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  • Pill Cutter & Grinder
  • ErgoGrip
  • Item Catalog Number: 13139

Splitting pills in half, or even quarters, is relatively easy with the Pill Cutter/Grinder. Designed with a sturdy and wide non-slip base, this tool allows you to cut large and small pills. The device is also equipped to grind. This function should be used to convert large tablets into powder for administration to those who have difficulty swallowing. The machine also conveniently stores your pills.

  • To cut: Open lid. Insert pill in the center of the diamond shape. Close lid while pressing down. Remove pieces.
  • To grind: Unscrew the turquoise colored part. Insert pill to be ground. Screw back in to close completely. To grind to a fine powder, repeat several times.
  • To store: Lift the burgundy colored portion by the handles on either side. Insert pills or pill portions into the compartment.
  • Always clean compartments well with a brush after each use.

Tablets that are enterically coated should not be split.