Twist 25 DHEA Cream

1.7 fl oz (52 g), Item# 16024

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$49.95 each

$49.95 each

  • Twist 25 DHEA Cream
  • 1.7 fl oz (52 g)
  • Item Catalog Number: 16024

Twist 25 is a highly absorbable bioidentical DHEA cream made with coconut oil, coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E.

  • Contains 50 mg/cc bioidentical DHEA
  • Absorbs in 10 seconds leaving no oily residue
  • No soy, parabens, lecithin, or cyclodextrin
  • Fragrance free and gluten free

Water, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, cetyl alcohol, bioidentical DHEA, stearic acid, glycerin, citric acid, tocopherol (Vitamin E), potassium sorbate, ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q-10).

Dosage and Use
  • Apply 1-2 pump presses morning and evening each day.
  • Rub in completely between inner arm and abdomen.