The Fatigue Solution

hardcover, 332 pp.

by Eva Cwynar MD with Sharyn Kolberg, Item# 33847

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  • The Fatigue Solution
  • hardcover, 332 pp.
  • by Eva Cwynar MD with Sharyn Kolberg
  • Item Catalog Number: 33847

Too often, uninformed physicians diagnose fatigue, difficulty concentrating, unwanted weight gain, and hair loss in their patients as the inevitable results of aging. This blanket diagnosis may be flat out wrong. In fact, your lack of energy and inability to focus may have nothing at all to do with your age. You may simply need to adjust a thyroid malfunction. The thyroid affects every cell in your body and is a key regulator of your energy, metabolism, heart, and bones. In her new book, The Fatigue Solution, Eva Cwynar, MD, urges readers to have their thyroid checked with a simple blood test.

The Fatigue Solution will show you how you can go from fatigued to fabulous by following eight simple steps. It is a 21st century woman’s health guide for generating physical as well as emotional strength, balancing hormones, reclaiming sexual vitality, and restoring energy. Dr. Eva Cwynar, premier Beverly Hills endocrinologist and metabolic medicine specialist, who has treated prime ministers, A-list actors, and professional athletes, shares her program for rejuvenating and reinvigorating your life.