Arnica Montana 6X

250 tablets: Hyland's, Item# 50051

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  • Arnica Montana 6X
  • 250 tablets: Hyland's
  • Item Catalog Number: 50051

Hyland's Arnica Montana is a homeopathic first aid remedy which some people believe helps to minimize bruising, bleeding, swelling, shock, pain and recovery time following strains, injuries, dental work, surgery, childbirth and exercise. Even without bruising or obvious signs of injury after trauma, Arnica is used by adherents of homeopathy to help relieve the aftershock, soreness and pain that follows.  

The product can also be used with head injury, but please contact your health care practitioner in the event this type of injury occurs.


Arnica Montana 6X HPUS in a lactose NF base.

Dosage and Use

Adults dissolve four tablets under tongue four times a day, children two tablets under tongue twice daily.


In acute cases take four tablets every hour until relieved or as directed by a licensed practitioner.