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What's Hot in Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Health and Wellness Today

Quercetin among new class of drugs for aging identified

Quercetin among new class of drugs for aging identifiedMarch 25 2015. A new class of drugs labeled senolytics that may combat some of the factors associated with aging has been identified by researchers at the Scripps Research Institute. Senescent cells are those which have stopped dividing, and their accumulation has been associated with accelerated aging.

In an article published online on March 9, 2015 in Aging Cell, Paul Robbins, PhD, and colleagues document their discovery of increased expression of pro-survival networks in senescent cells. Compounds that target these networks, dubbed senolytics, include the drug dasatinib and the nutrient quercetin, which is found in fruits and vegetables, and is also available as a nutritional supplement. While dasatinib was found to reduce senescent human fat cell progenitors, quercetin showed a greater effect against senescent human endothelial cells and mouse bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells.  The combination of both compounds was shown to eliminate senescent mouse embryonic fibroblasts.

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