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Why Life Extension®?

The Life Extension Foundation has been the global leader in the field of anti-aging and optimal health for over 32 years. We're the only non-profit research foundation in the world dedicated solely to improving your health and extending your life.

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How CoffeeGenic® Is Different

Chlorogenic acid is a compound found in green coffee beans that's been clinically shown to inhibit the absorption of calories from starches and sugary foods1 … and to help maintain blood sugar levels already within normal range.

Life Extension's CoffeeGenic® Green Coffee Extract is produced from organic Arabica beans in such a way that it delivers far more chlorogenic acid.

  • In a 2012 phased crossover study, 350 mg of CoffeeGenic® was shown to promote weight loss of 17.6 lbs on average in about 12 weeks.2
  • In another recent study, 400 mg of this formula was shown to suppress after meal glucose surges by 24% in just 30 minutes.3

What Is Green Coffee Extract?

Before coffee beans are roasted, the green seeds have high levels of chlorogenic acid. The problem with the roasted coffee you drink is that much of the beneficial content of the coffee bean is destroyed during the roasting process. CoffeeGenic® Green Coffee Extract is produced through a patented extraction process to deliver an extraordinarily high proportion of chlorogenic acid for maximum potency.

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